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Corporate Governance

Audit Committee



Education and Experience

Principal Business Activities Performed Outside Our Company

Independent Director

Neng-Pai Lin

Ph.D., Ohio State University
Chairman of Taiwan Power Company
"Minister of Public Construction Commission,Executive Yuan, Taiwan"
Dean of College of Management, National Taiwan University

Adjunct Professor of National Taiwan University
Independent Director of Taishin Financial Holding Co., Ltd.
Independent Director of Taishin International Bank Co., Ltd. Independent Director of Wistron NeWeb Corporation
Director of TECO Image Systems Co.,Ltd
Independent Director of AcBel Polytech Inc.

Independent Director

Yu-Tien Li

Master of Business Administration, The Wharton school of University of Pennsylvania
Executive Vice President of Universal Furniture Ltd.
Chairman of Optoma Corp.
President of Coretronic Corp.

Chairman of Treegarden Corp. Independent Director of EASY FIELD CORPORATION

Independent Director

Hsiang-Niang Hu

Master of Business Administration - Accounting, The State University of New York at Buffalo
Manager of Solomon & Co., CPAs
Assistant Manager of KPMG
Director of Forhouse Corp.

Partner of Yangtze CPAs & Co. Supervisor of DonPon INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD
Supervisor of Favite, Inc.

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