Darfon Culture

Complete Training System

Darfon Electronics attaches importance to employee training and development, providing a full range of talent-required training courses, in addition to in-house self-prepared courses, also brings in the external quality courses and lecturers. From the employees just starting their jobs, the Company invests sufficient resources to train the employees. Adopts different training programs in different stages. Completes training and development structure, can increase the competitiveness of employees, while giving feedback on the innovative knowledge and skills, to benefit the employees, the Company and even the entire industry.

Conducts training requirement surveys and analysis based on the aspects of the Company's Organizational analysis, Task analysis and Personal job performance analysis, and plans the entire Company's training courses based on the Core competency and compliance with the requirements specified in the relevant laws and regulations, mainly with the following curriculum:

Darfon Training System
Core Competency and Management Competency Courses

Designs and Plans the Leadership Development Program based on different levels of management competency and plans the relevant management courses from it. Gradual deepening from basic to advance courses to cultivate the management capability for the department person in charge.

Professional Competency Curriculum

Determines the gap between the current condition and requirements through competency analysis and plans the corresponding curriculum based on this competency. Relevant curricula include Project Management Curriculum, Marketing Business Curriculum, Clerical Administration Curriculum, and R & D Innovation Curriculum, etc. Each Curriculum includes professional courses from low to high level to assist the colleagues in enhancing three aspects of knowledge, skills and attitudes simultaneously, to train the professional talents in line with the organization's needs.

Personal Training Courses

When the internal courses cannot meet the training requirements for the colleagues, such as some professional skills or future trend courses, colleagues can apply for external training allowance based on the training rules and regulations, in order to attend the external relevant trainings, the Company will provide paid leave during the time to enable the colleagues attending classes to be worry free.

Team Building Courses

Darfon's colleagues enjoy fun and love sports, in addition to the review of the annual performance and outlooks of the goals and strategies of the coming year, the annual strategy meeting shall arrange the team building challenge courses. We have completed the circling around Sun Moon Lake, Miaoli Mountain City 180km, and East Asia East Road to the peak of Wuling and other challenges, in addition to the establishment of mutual trust and team tacit understanding, but also the workout of healthy body.

Multiple Learning Courses

Darfon provides a complete training system and courses in professional fields regularly based on competency orientation, with multiple learning channels of real classroom and online to cultivate the professional abilities for colleagues. In addition, combined with personal development plan and training, external training channels, to take the initiative to learn anytime, anywhere, enhance knowledge and skills, stimulate potential, build high-quality talent. Let the colleagues to have comprehensive learning and development.

On-The-Job Training

The professional learning on the job, including participation in the work conference + planning and implementation + tasks, etc.

In-House Training

Participate in corporate annual training courses planned and organized by the Human Resources Division, as well as the professional training courses within the department.

External Training

Participate in external training courses, seminars, or training in domestic and oversea trips that are closely related to work.

Web-Based Learning

Use the internet environment and multimedia resources to conduct learning, such as Darfon E-University, Darfon Happy Learning Network and other online courses, with a total of more than 2000 courses.


Take a personal self-learning by self reading or participate in on-the-job learning courses (such as EMBA). Self-learning mechanism such as department sharing within the Company and book club (reading group) study will be a self-learning mechanism.

Knowledge Management System

Knowledge management systems enable organizations to better capture and apply knowledge. The eKM system collects all relevant knowledge and experience within the Company and makes them easy to use at anywhere and any time when necessary, to improve process and management decisions.

Coaching System

Coaching leadership emphasizes the “non-instruction, non-command” approach to guide the subordinates, believes that all colleagues have the potential to deal with their own problems, accompanied by the coaches, to allow the subordinates to be aware of their own inside interference and blind spots, and to change their thinking and behavior patterns, thereby improving their job performance.

Mentoring System

Mainly used in the cultivation of key management personnel, for the senior colleagues to help newcomers to learn and adapt to the organization, as the master takes care of the apprentice, and plays the roles of teaching, instructing and answering.