Recruitment process
  • Research and Development Category
    • Mechanism Design : responsible for product mechanical design and structural assessment and testing.
    • Hardware engineering :digital hardware circuit design, new product hardware development and mass production introduction
    • Firmware engineering : product software and firmware design and development, production and test program development and design.
    • Industrial design :industrial design of products, packaging and marketing materials, and other related graphic design, UI interface design.
    • Material Development :Material analysis and new materials verify, research, and development.
  • Sales and Marketing Category
    • Product Manager : Responsible for coordinating specific product planning, promote, sales ,and expand performance.
    • Domestic Sales : Responsible for the domestic business development, service and respond to customer as a contact window.
    • International Sales : Responsible for ODM / OEM orders form foreign customers to develop and be responsible for sales and customer service.
    • Customer Service Engineering : Responsible for handling customer complaints, product application engineering and customer service processes improvement
  • Manufacturing and quality control Category
    • Production Process Engineering : Responsible for the production process assessment, development, and improvement, and new product mass production introdution.
    • Quality Engineering :Responsible for continuous improvement activities planning, promote the production site counseling and improvement projects.
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