Green Energy Green Energy

Core Technology

The Darfon Green Energy Group consists of three main business units involved in E-Mobility, Smart Energy and Switching Power Supply. Each unit possesses competitive technologies that assist some of the world’s best known companies to stay relevant in the ever-changing global marketplace.

For E-Mobility, Darfon Green Energy delivers flexible and safe designs for high-voltage, high-series, modularized technology as well as customized BMS hardware and firmware designs that fulfill a wide range of product applications, from robot cleaners, server storage BBUs, and e-bike batteries to high-voltage automobile batteries.

In the domain of Smart Energy, Darfon Green Energy focuses on developing comprehensive Residential and Commercial Installation solutions to provide high-efficiency, micro-inverter solar power systems, hybrid solar power systems, as well as battery solutions that enable the ultimate global vision of self-sustaining infrastructures.

Darfon provides Switching Power Supplies range from 60W to 1,200W with its proprietary and loading technology in high energy density, high efficiency and low power consumption. We serve customers in smart home appliance, mobile phone, notebook PC, AIO, gaming notebook and server market segments with display light source driver, smart charger, adaptor, and power supplies.