Darfon College

Comprehensive Training Programs

Darfon Electronics pays close attention to all employees' training and career development by providing a variety of educational courses. In addition to the in-house courses, Darfon also brings in high-quality external courses and lectures to augment its employee training program. For employees who just joined the company, Darfon invests a substantial amount of training resources, and offers different sets of curated programs for different job levels. Completion of these training programs can enhance employees' competitiveness with technical knowledge and skills that are required to succeed in the company as well as their career trajectory in the industry.

The curriculum is designed according to the company's organizational structure, job tasks and performance. All of the company's training materials are planned based on core competencies and compliance with job requirements that meet the industry's standards and regulations.

Comprehensive Training Programs

Core Competency and Management Competency Courses
Leadership development courses are offered based on different levels of management requirements and competencies, from basic to advanced, that cultivate specialized capabilities for the employee's department and position.

Professional Competency Curriculum
The curriculum provides a competency analysis of employees to determine the corresponding training curricula. The curricula includes Project Management, Marketing Business, Clerical Administration, R&D Innovation and more. Each offers courses from entry-level to higher levels to assist all employees in cultivating their knowledge, skills and attitudes toward the organization's needs.

Personal Training Courses
All employees can apply for external training courses based on their own professional interests and needs in order to anticipate evolving global industry trends. The company provides paid-leave during the course period to allow employees to attend the training without worry.

Team Building Courses
In addition to an annual performance review and goal-setting in the coming years, Darfon's year-end company-wide strategy meeting also provides an open ground for employees to participate in a series of team-building activities to enhance team chemistry and personal growth. During these fun and exciting events, the company also utilizes the time to promote a culture of work-life-balance through many wellness activities.

Multiple Learning Channels

Darfon provides a series of comprehensive training programs with multiple course learning channels for all employees based on the objectives and functions of their jobs. The training platform adopts a hybrid orientation that allows personal development in ways that are most relevant to the employees at a time and place that are convenient for them.

On-The-Job Training

Participation in industry conferences, assistance on work planning, goal setting, technical execution and more.

In-House Training

Participation in annual corporate training courses organized by the Human Resource Division as well as professional training courses offered by the departments

External Training

Participation in external training courses, seminars that are relevant to professional fields in both domestic and overseas locations.


Utilization of internet and multimedia materials to participate in learning through channels such as Darfon E-University, Darfon Happy Learning Network, and others with a total of more than 2,000 courses.


Develop personal and professional interests by taking on-the-job learning courses. The self-learning mechanism is also supported by departmental sharing and book clubs that use the company's resources and facilities.

Knowledge Management

The company collects and distributes knowledge through the eKM system. The aggregated data informs the company about each employee's unique capabilities and experience to make best use of their specialized talents.

Coaching Program

This program adopts flexible instruction and other coaching to enable employees to best recognize their problems and potential by working with assigned coaches. It's an opportunity that allows employees see themselves from a critical perspective and make improvements.


Mentorship focuses on the development of management personnel. Senior staff help newcomers learn and adapt to the organization through guidance and at-work collaboration.