Remuneration Committee

Education and Experience
Principal Business Activities
Performed Outside Our Company
Independent Director
Lin, Neng-Pai
  • Ph.D., Ohio State University
  • Chairman of Taiwan Sugar Corp.
  • Chairman of Taiwan Power Company
  • Dean of College of Management, National Taiwan University
  • Minister of Public Construction Commission, Executive Yuan, Taiwan
  • Independent Director of Darfon Electronics Corp.
  • Chairman of Taishin Securities Investment Advisory Co., Ltd.
  • Independent Director of Wistron NeWeb Corp.
  • Independent Director of AcBel Polytech Inc.
Independent Director
Kun-Ming Li
  • Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Vice president of Acer Inc.
  • Vice president of Qisda Corp.
  • Executive director of Taiwan R&D Manager Association
  • Director of Cheng-Dian Cultural & Educational Foundation
Independent Director
Yu-Tien Li
  • Ph.D., Horticulture, National Taiwan University
  • Master of Business Administration, The Wharton school of University of Pennsylvania
  • Master of Computer Science, The Moore School of Electrical Engineering of University of Pennsylvania
  • B.S., Business Administration, National Taiwan University
  • Independent Director of Easy Field Corp.
  • Chairman of Optoma Corp.
  • President of Coretronic Corp.
  • Executive Vice President of Universal Furniture Ltd.
  • Asian and Pacific area President of Formica Corp.
  • Chairman of Taiwan Arboriculture Society
  • Chairman of Taiwan Green Roof & Green Wall Association
  • Independent Director of Darfon Corp.
  • Chairman of Treegarden Corp.
  • Chairman of Taiwan Biochar Industry Organization
Independent Director
Hsiang-Niang Hu
  • Master of Business Administration - Accounting, The State University of New York at Buffalo
  • Manager of Solomon & Co., CPAs
  • Director of Forhouse Corp.
  • Independent Director of Darfon Electronics Corp.
  • Partner of Yangtze CPAs & Co.
  • Supervisor of Favite, Inc.